Are you a real villain? Have you ever caught a good guy, like a real superhero? Have you ever tried a disguise? Alright, I can see that I will have to teach you how to be villains!

~ Robbie Rotten

Robbie Rotten (腐ったロビー, Kusatta Robī) is the main antagonist of the anime LazyTown. Robbie is a villain who antagonizes the town of LazyTown, attempting to restore it

History Edit

Nothing is known of Robbie's history. We have no idea of where he came from or what made him into the character that he is. It is hard to guess how old Robbie is, or what effect his parenting might have had on him. We also do not know how he built his underground lair or acquired his skills in assembling his various gadgets and machines. Despite all of this he remains an enigmatic and detailed character below the surface.

Abilities Edit

Stand: We Are Number One Edit

Robbie is able to summon a Stand; "We Are Number One" (ウィ ある ナンバーワン, Ui Aru Nanbāwan), also known as WANO. WANO is a powerful Stand, though it was rendered useless after Sportacus destroyed every dimension besides their own.

We Are Number One can summon versions of himself from alternate dimensions, like a crappy version of D4C. The original Robbie can switch bodies and body parts with other ones to heal himself. 

Robbie gained this stand from being shot with an arrow when he was masturbating, which rather than killing him, gave him these powers. He used them to attempt to defeat Sportacus, nearly killing Stingy and Pixel in the process, but the WANO clones were all killed by Sportacus and Stephanie. The two of them then destroyed every dimension except theirs, using the Red Stone of Memery. 

Master of Disguise Edit

Robbie is skilled at disguising himself. He has used countless names and faces to attempt to defeat Sportacus.

Machines Edit

Robbie is able to build machines and gadgets.

Durability Edit

Robbie has been nearly killed by Sportacus's "ora ora ora" attacks nearly every day, however he has yet to suffer any serious injuries as a result.

Weaknesses Edit

Robbie is physically weak due to his inactivity and creamy diet.

Battles Edit

Robbie Rotten vs Dio Brando - Win