Robbie walks down the streets of Cairo, Egypt. Suddenly, a knife is thrown into his head, and he disappears into thin air. The real Robbie steps out of an alley.

Robbie: So, you destroyed my clone, did you?

Dio appears behind him.

Dio: Nothin personell, kid. ZA WARUDO!

Time stops. Dio suddenly realizes that there were nearly thirty Robbies surrounding him. The World punches a hole through one of their chests, and barrages several more with punches. Dio throws knives at more of them.

Time resumes. All of them disappear.

Dio: So, the real one lives on...HINJAKU HINJAKU! Can a monkey fight a man? ...huh?

Enter Pucci.

Pucci: Hello, Dio. So, wanna fuck?

Dio: Fuck yeah!

They go into his mansion. The two men take off each others' clothes and climb into bed.

Suddenly, Dio hears a ticking sound. A bomb had been planted on him. He explodes, losing an arm and a leg.


He falls backwards into his bed, but it folds in on him. Spikes pop out of it, skewering him.

Pucci spins around, revealing himself to have been Robbie all along.

Za Warudo stops time, pulling open the trapped bed Robbie had made. He then punches Robbie repeatedly


Robbie is sent flying out the window, landing on a rooftop.

Robbie: We Are Number One!

Fifty Robbies appear. As Dio flies at them, one of them grabs the vampire in a net, and the others "rob" him of his knives. Yet another Robbie starts playing his theme song on a saxophone, as Dio is repeatedly stabbed by an army of Robbies.


He pulls his wounded body out of the net. He runs into his harem to suck some bitch's blood, but the Robbies had already sucked out all their blood through their pussies.

He limps back to the fight, but slips and slides on a banana peel. Robbie laughs as Dio passes out.

Dio: NANI? BAKANA!!! KONO DIO DA! KONO DIO DAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (author's note: im not a weeb)

Robbie then left him to die as the sun rose.